Gloss Enhancement

From: £45

Gloss Enhancement

From: £45.00

Is your car looking a bit dull?

Enhance your car from as little as £45.00 with our 8 Stage Wash included, light decontamination removing road tar from the surface of the paint and our Super Resin Polish applied. 

Want to take it to the next level?

Indulge in our full body decontamination removing:

  • Embedded road tar
  • Hot iron irons
  • Tree sap
  • Overspray

Leaving the paintwork ultra smooth “Naked” ready for our Polish Enhancement and T1 Finest Grade Carnauba Wax, which restores the paintworks hydrophobic properties, depending on regular maintenance visits, the durability will be approximately 4-6 months.

From £85.00

Price varies depending on size and contamination level.


Nano Technology

Machine Polish Enhancement

As stated above, after fully decontaminating the paintwork, we take paint depth readings to measure each panels average paint depth, this can range anywhere from 120 – 180 microns from a standard factory finish car. Given that the average strand of hair is 100microns, it show’s the precision required when enhancing / paint correcting.

From new or even being used for 5 years, the paint surface will come with incredible amounts of imperfections, peaks and vally’s. Smoothening off these peaks will give you a 70% enhancement rate across the entire surface  of the paint, leaving it with a high mirror finish. Once the enhancement is complete, the paintwork is topped off with T1 Finest Grade Carnauba, leaving the paint protected and high gloss levels.

From £300.00


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